Genre: Kids game
Medium: Video game
Platform: Web
Version: Gold
Year: 2009


• Concept art
• Character design
• Character modeling & Textures
• 3D animation (crows), paper testing, concept


• NLDG Game Development Rally 2009
• Dutch Game Awards: Special Award 2009


Developed at: Paladin Studios



VouwVriendjes” or “Folding Friends” is a game where one customizes, takes care and plays with their VouwVriendje. Two mini games and different assignments allow players to earn points, which will then lead to further customization options. In addition, a player can print and put together its VouwVriendje as a paper toy, adding a physical element to the game experience."

"The Vouw Vriendjes concept was born from the competition’s challenging assignment: create a fun and involving game where the goal is to take care of something. The target group: kids aging between 8-12 with chronical diseases or handicap."