Medium: Application
Platform: Web / Mobile
Version: Alpha
Year: 2012-2013


• Interaction design
• Graphic design, icons
• Content
• Planning


Developed at: Avans Hogeschool
Code: Arald den Braber


The 'Study Support Application Finder', or 'SSAPPfinder' for short, is a tool mainly aimed at students to help them find software and apps to support them in their studies and improve the safety and performance of their devices. Also included is a whole category with apps and software for students with special needs.

Of course, teachers and others are also welcome to browse through the handpicked collection of the SSAPPfinder and find apps and software that might help them in their teaching and support of students.

The focus is on Windows PC's, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The SSAPPfinder is part of the 'Mobile Learning Support Space', a service for students that bring their own laptops and mobile devices to school and providing a place where they can find information and expertise on how to safely and effectively use these devices during their studies and afterwards.