Inge Faber

I am a game designer, writer, graphic designer, 2D artist and concept artist all rolled into one. I am also one who believes I can help make this world a little better for everyone - and will grab the opportunity when I see it. I try to accomplish this through my work, for the pen(cil) is mightier than the sword.

In my work, I'm passionate about narrative design and world building, and how to get all the elements fitting together and interacting to create the best possible experience for the user/viewer/reader.

When making visual/graphic designs I aim for the highest possible, and push myself to make my next design even better than the last.

Projects I worked on:

  • 2015. TalentSearch (Website / Illustrations)
  • 2014. (Webshop / Branding)
  • 2014. JuiceBoost (Print / Branding)
  • 2013. JuiceCamp (Webshop / Print)
  • 2012. SSAPPfinder (Web / Mobile)
  • 2012. Mobile Workshop Trolley
  • 2011. The Chronicals of Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Game: PC)
  • 2011. Harvey’s Neue Augen (Game: PC)
  • 2010. Eden Extra Terra (Game: Web)
  • 2009. EnerCities (Game: Web / PC)
  • 2009. VouwVriendjes (Game: Web)